Burundi drum dancers

Tourism Attraction of the Republic of Burundi

(Member of East Africa Community: EAC)

Burundi is a State Member of the East Africa Community that consists of 6 countries includes Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan with Republic Democratic of Congo as a candidate.

It is difficult to see Burundi Economic and Social life include Tourism Sector aside the EAC.

This paper is going to develop only Burundi aspects but the please consider it as a part of a total which is EAC.

The Most Popular Things to see and Buy in Burundi as Touristic products:

  1. Coffee,
  2. Drums and Drummers,
  3. Natural resources,
  4. I will recommend some websites to visit.

Overall Image of Tourism in Burundi (What to visit)

See these videos, thanks:

Burundi – Heart of Africa (English Version)

Burundi – Heart of Africa

I. Coffee

This following paper provide a good idea of Burundi Coffee

The Commodities at a Glance – Special issue on coffee in East Africa provides a good idea of Burundi Coffee.

And the images and info below show how the Burundi Coffee is made from the tree to the cup:

Packed in 250grs and 500grs package as per following image, Burundi Coffee is sold in Bujumbura at the Government Agency called ODECA and previously OCIBU then ARFIC but also at many food shop in Burundi called “Alimentation” and at Bujumbura Airport at a cost of around 10$/kg.

Coffee (front) Coffee (back)

II. Drums and Drummers

Drums and drummers

Burundi performers

Performance is available in Bujumbura and Gitega City. All the Vistor needs is to make order of the show around 14 hours in advance.

III. Natural Resources

  1. Thermal Spring Water of Muhweza (1230km south of Bujumbura):

Thermal spring

2. Pyramid Symbol of The Southern Source of the Nile River (114Km south from Bujumbura):


3. Ruzizi Parc (11 Km Ouest From Bujumbura):


4. Livingstone and Stanley Meeting Stone (12 km South of Bujumbura):

Livingstone Stanley stone

5. Karera Water Falls (176 Km South of Bujumbura):


6. Intore Dance (Kirundo 210 km north of Bujumbura):


7. Birds Lake (Kirundo 210 km north of Bujumbura):


8. Tea Plantation (Teza 50 km south of Bujumbura):

Tea plantation (left) Tea plantation (right)

9. Batwa Village (Bugarama 40 km East of Bujumbura):


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